National Park

All round performance in all conditions; this is a bottomless pit of pure fun and performance! 
This model was designed by the late Dave Boyd, a world class shaper and shaper to previous world champions.  
Dave was an industry legend from Ocean Grove, Victoria and a guiding force to many younger shapers in the industry today.  “Boydy” was an incredible shaper, very fine logger and a really great bloke and family man!
The National Park model is a great all rounder whether you are on perfect points or punchy beach breaks, Boydy had this model dialled to perform!  The National Park model gives fantastic paddle power and smooth turns in all conditions. The single nose concave gives stability when noseriding and the double concave V through the tail transition from rail to rail with ease for turns.  This board will have you on ALL the waves and seeing why he was so well respected in the industry!



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