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This is staff a favourite!  
This board connects with your mind and movement creating a seamless connection to the wave.  And isn’t that what surfing is all about? Connecting with the natural forces of the ocean and being part of something more?
Think back to the grace of Midget Farrelly and Nat Young riding in Noosa in 66/67, this was the pinnacle of longboarding style and beauty.  This board takes you back there and connects you with the past while giving your surfing grace and flow. This stunning water craft is hand shaped by Tom Wegener, and is what longboarding is all about. 
The Johnson pays homage to a bygone era with a classic 1966/67 template with drawn in nose and hips behind centre and a continuous roll through the bottom, with a nice bit of pinch in the rails.  This results in a beautiful flowing design that can be surfed in all conditions but really excels in lined up point swells!  
Don't let the narrow nose fool you, the Johnson is a fantastic nose rider with the wider tail providing hold through the critical sections while the rolled bottom allows smooth classic turns.