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The Tea Tree Model

The Tea Tree Model


The king of high-performance nose riding and perfect everyday board in one!

This model was designed by the late Dave Boyd, a world class shaper and shaper to previous world champions.  Dave was an industry legend from down in Victoria (Ocean Grove) and a guiding force to many younger shapers in the industry today.  “Boydy” was an incredible shaper, very fine logger and a really great bloke and family man.

The Tea Tree model was designed for our first class break (Tea Tree), it is a phenomenal nose rider and can bank a big cutback with the best of them!  This model builds upon our National Park model and just accentuates all elements, huge noseriding platform, finely tuned rails, drawn in tail which still provides plenty of hold and a pronounced double concave out the tail for extra squirt through turns. It paddles like a dream because of the relatively parallel rails in the front half of the board and the rocker will let you takeoff at any point!

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Tea Tree Land Rover Green GlossTea Tree Land Rover Green Gloss
Tea Tree 9'3 NavyTea Tree 9'3 Navy
Tea Tree 9'3 Navy Sale price$1,950.00
9'1 Tea Tree Yellow Gloss Finish9'1 Tea Tree Yellow Gloss Finish
9'3 Teatree Burnt red w Cream Nose9'3 Teatree Burnt red w Cream Nose
9'6 TeaTree Latte Gloss with Comp Stripes9'6 TeaTree Latte Gloss with Comp Stripes
9'6 Tea Tree Vintage Green Bottom Light Green Deck Polish Finish
9'6 Tea Tree Dark Green Bottom Light Green Deck Polish Finish
“9'3" Tea Tree Longboard - Crystal Clear Blue
9'1 Tea Tree Pink Bottom Cream Deck Gloss Finish
9'3" Tea Tree Longboard - Vintage Green
9'6" Tea Tree Longboard - Army Green
9'6 Teatree Gloss pastel green deck/pastel blue bottom with white stripes
9'3" Tea Tree Longboard - Aqua Blue
9'6" Tea Tree Longboard - Candy Green
9'1" Tea Tree Light Aqua Green bottom/ light green deck silver pin lines
9'6" Tea Tree Longboard - Blue White Stripes