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9'6" Tea Tree Longboard - Candy Green
7'6 National Park Model
7'6 National Park Model Sale price$1,650.00
9'3 Tea Tree Model Matte Black
9'3 Tea Tree Model Matte Black Sale price$2,250.00
9'3 Little Cove Model 2.0 Vintage Yellow
9'3 First Point Model Vintage Green
6'8 Baked Fish Green
6'8 Baked Fish Green Sale price$1,200.00
6'2 Baked Fish Blue
6'2 Baked Fish Blue Sale price$1,200.00
6'0 Baked Fish Yellow
6'0 Baked Fish Yellow Sale price$1,200.00
9'1 National Park Model Green
9'1 National Park Model Green Sale price$2,250.00
9'4 Little Cove Model 2.0 Peppermint
9'6" N.L. Tea Tree salmon tint, white bands, gloss and polish
9'3 First Point Model Navy
9'3 First Point Model Navy Sale price$2,250.00
9'6 First Point Model Pistachio
10' N.L. First Point 4 x cedar stringer, Volan with patches, gloss and polish
9'1" Joker Model - Black deck and rails
9'3 First Point Model Pale Pink Gloss
9'6" Tea Tree Model - Orange deck and bottom with black and white bands
9'6" Little Cove Model - Blue rail and bottom with cream and white deck
9'6" First Point - Olive green tint
9'3" Little Cove - Green bottom with white deck and black pinlines
9'6" Little Cove Model - Baby blue bottom and yellow deck
9'6" Joker Model - Blue bottom and rails
9'1" Tea Tree Light Aqua Green bottom/ light green deck silver pin lines
9' 8" First Point Longboard - Glossy Yellow Bottom and lapse Volan Deck with Quad cedar stringers.
9'6" Tea Tree Longboard - Blue White Stripes