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Little Cove

I only want one board and it needs to be a traditional longboard with fluid turns and great nose riding… DONE
Ooozing style, designed by Tom Wegener, the Little Cove is Tom’s favourite all round classic single fin log for the points. This board can do it all!
This board just gives you an effortless connection to the wave, harnessing speed power and flow to make it a joy to ride. 
The Little cove has a nice flat rocker, a little bit of added thickness and light concave throughout the bottom making it a paddling machine. The wave pushes against the increased volume and puts more pressure on the fin to hold the board in the wave and this pressure is what squirts the board across the wave. The rails are soft and relatively full allowing the board to be more forgiving to varied conditions.  
The rolled bottom makes this board a pleasure to turn and trim down the line; this when tied in with the full rails creates a beautiful nose rider that can handle most conditions.  If you are to only have one log this is the one to have! It will put a smile on your face every ride in every session.