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This board is nothing to laugh about!  The Joker is a fast, sleek, cut back throwing longboard with SOUL. 
This is the perfect all rounder hand crafted by Tom Wegener.  It will have you all over the wave from drawing high lines across freight train sections, to throwing big old turns or just purely enjoying the trim and flow. 
The design was bred out of the need for a board that would handle any condition thrown at it while not losing sight of traditional longboarding principles.  The joker surfs incredibly well in both small and very large conditions; this is due to rail chines, deep double concave and relatively flat rocker.  This allows for fast paddling and easy pickup of waves. This blended with a drawn in tail and late tail lift allows the board to have a tight turning radius that can rip into small waves and carve beautiful lines in overhead waves while retaining great control in the pocket. The rail has a chine from the mid point to the tail, this is a design concept Tom has drawn from his years spent shaping with, as well as riding with and for Donald Takayama.  This design principle helps lift the board higher on the wave and allows it to high line and run down the line faster!
This is a favourite allrounder in the lineup!