Un-Framed Endless Summer Limited Edition Art Lithograph

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Dimensions: 39" x 27" 

Paper. Finch Fine Ultra Smooth 80X Cover. FSC + SFI certified

Inks. UV fluorescent by Ink Systems, Inc. Two double hit passes on each color + double hit of black, 14 colors on the sheet to achieve vibrancy. 

Embossing. Embossed using a multi-level sculptured brass die by Metal Magic, Inc. 

Note. The fluorescent inks use dyes and not pigments, and are more affected by UV rays than pigment inks. Important to note that the print, when displayed, should be kept away from direct sun and/or bright daylight. 


Framed and unframed available in our Brisbane and Noosa Heads store. 

Very limited quantities available. 

Call for enquiries

Brisbane: ‭07 3395 7111‬

Noosa: 07 5447 4776

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