REMCO Beatles Dolls

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Very rare original "The Beatles" Remco dolls set. 


Remco lost the contract in late 1964 when they took off. 

An american guy named Byrne partners up with Bryan Epstein (Beatles manager) and set up a company called Seltaeb (Beatles backwards) to sell them in America. Epstein accepted 10% for him and the Beatles and Byrne took 90%.

Its estimated it cost Epstein, John, Paul, George and Ringo approx. 100 Million dollars in royalties as they went ballistic in America and other markets - the deal was later recut to 50/50 by 1967 but with Epstein's suicide and the Beatles starting to fracture, already retired from live concerts because of Beatlemania and doing studio albums only, appealing to an older audience the doll market died and they progressively disappeared into bins and kids toy boxes, consigned to history.