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Eddie Aikau Hawaiian Hero Hardcover Book

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A biography of the legendary Hawaiian waterman. As a fearless young man, Eddie Aikau surfed some of the largest waves ever ridden at Waimea Bay. He became one of the first lifeguards on the North Shore, where he saved hundreds of lives and was known for his courage and commitment to helping others. Most people would be satisfied to earn such renown as a big-wave rider and lifeguard. But as a proud Hawaiian with a restless spirit, Aikau kept searching for ways to rediscover his heritage and culture. Then, he saw Hokulea and instantly knew that his fate was tied to the double-hulled voyaging canoe. Eddie Aikau disappeared at sea almost four decades ago, but his spirit of self-discovery continues to inspire Hawaiians, the international surfing community, and all those seeking to reconnect to their culture. His memory lives on in the Hokulea Worldwide Voyages and in the Eddie, the unique big-wave contest that honors his courage and sacrifice.

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